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Seal and Stripe
Project: Ontario Mills Mall

Parking Lot Striping Van Nuys CA Asphalt Sealing Van Nuys CA
  • Contract: $240,000
  • Size: 2.3 million sq ft
  • Scope: Seal and Strip
  • Application: (2) coats

Seal coating your asphalt is the necessary routine work required to keep your pavement as nearly as possible in it's original condition. This is synonymous to waxing your car and protecting the paint from the elements while helping to preserve it's original luster. There are also seals that are designed to rejuvenate the asphalt binders. A third category of seals provide new wearing surfaces at a fraction of the cost of new asphalt overlays.

These all can be a highly disruptive processes, and our Project Managers are acutely aware of public safety and the impact upon business. Our team coordinates all aspects of this endeavor so the process can proceed as smoothly as possible.

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