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Project: Plaza Bonita Mall

Geotextile Overlay Van Nuys CA Petromat Overlay Van Nuys CA
  • Contract: $152,000
  • Size: 258,000 sq ft
  • Scope: Petromat Overlay

When a pavement exhibits widespread cracking yet still retains structural stability, a fabric interlayer with an asphalt overlay may be a viable alternative to costly removal and replacement. These fabric interlayers are manufactured to provide either a waterproofing function that prevents failure of the pavement by surface water intrusion, or as a stress absorbing membrane to combat reflective cracking. In recent years, new hybrid interlayers have become available that fill both of these functions. There are approximately 6 different types of interlayers in each of these 3 categories, all with different performance characteristics. Our experts at CSP are well versed in them all and will take into consideration your objectives, evaluate your pavement conditions, and provide recommendations on those products that will be best suited to your goals and budget.

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